Exploring global issues of security, conflict 和恐怖主义

Examine how terrorism affects public policy and security

安全问题日益受到关注, not just for governments and states, but for corporations and individuals. As a result, there is significant growth in the private security sector.


安全、恐怖主义 and 反恐 is a free taster course, delivered in partnership with FutureLearn. The course will appeal to anyone wishing to understand the complexity of the challenges and threats posed by conflict 和恐怖主义. Learners will develop an understanding of the important contemporary issues of security 和恐怖主义, and explore responses to these threats. The taster course will address key questions about security and what it means to be secure by exploring threats such as conflict, 战争, 和恐怖主义. 今天, terrorism poses a particular form of unconventional threat and the course will look at the way liberal democracies should respond to this threat.

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